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Move to the edge of the world to grow it larger, and reveal an adventure!

The game is controlled entirely with arrow keys.

Tap a direction towards an opponent to fight.

Use temporary attack and defense boosts to fight more dangerous foes early, or come back to them later once you've grown in strength.

Made this prototype on Twitch, for the 48-hour Ludum Dare competition (LD38)! My twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/frankiepixelshow

I am working on a final, polished version of the game, with a bigger world map, tweaked level design, more varied enemies, a few quests and better treasure. I do most of that work on my Twitch stream linked above.

Here is the Ludum Dare Page


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A Growing Adventure 2 MB
GrowingAdventure_Source.zip 753 kB
Belgium exhibition version 2 MB

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Such a wonderful game! I really liked the idea of revealing the map as you go, it made this game a really unique experience!

I played and beat this game, it was lovely; but I almost didn't due to an astounding amount of lag. Luckily I'm quite used to poor framerates from past computers, and the turn based nature means 10 fps is still useable, but wow. No idea what caused it. Maybe my PC hates it, maybe there's a weird bug I hit.

Beyond that, fantastic game. I'll definetly play again when you finish your polished version.

Lovely game, but here's some feedback.

Occasionally when warped back because of low health, the character in not alligned in the grid making some objects unreachable.

Some chests have rediculous amount of hitpoints. I've been at one chest for a half an hour hoping something valuable was in it. It was an apple.

For the rest great game, didn't came across anything else.

great game! This hybreeding RPG and idle game make me motivated. I want to cheer you!


Me and my friend have just speedrun your game together 1:44:36.
This game is fucking brilliant.

(1 edit)

This was a great game but once I completed it and killed the final boss (which I used a bunch of the buffs you can get all at once and 2 shot him) nothing happened I was hoping for a little text box saying I won or maybe just the game closes. Although I'm not sure if I have 100% the game I can't find any other places to go and I'm level 21 (exp: 513/705) so please let me know if I am missing something or if there are any Easter eggs to find

Edit: I have also killed every single mob besides the two chests that where monsters and there were 3 chests that wouldn't open and as far as I know I have touched every tile

Let me just say something. I was SO excited to download this game and the second it did, I instantly started the game. I loved this so much. I was beyond addicted and I couldn't even be bothered to do anything else except play this game. I think the idea of a growing adventure is brilliant. Like the walking up to the wall and waiting for it to spawn was brilliant.  I hope more is added to it in the future! I love this game so freaking much and the very mention of the game fills me with joy.


I really enjoyed this game, for a game made in 48 hours this is quite impressive.
the fact that you had to discover the tiles as you went along was really entertaining
at first, but I think the fact that the map is for the most part static is hurting the game abit, after 2-3 times playing it you now where the important stuff is. But I think the main idea is quite promising, I hope you'll continue to improve this project, as it could really benefit just being polished a bit.
Here's a bit of my gameplay experience:

This game was sooo addictive.

I'll be voting for you for sure!


how do you save?

showed this game to my friends, and i immediately distributed copies of the game to them via USB drive, so i think we all love it XD

Is there any end to it? I feel like I've beaten every big monster even the sorcerer guy with the two big guards and death.

There's no "You Won" screen if that's what you're asking xP

Cool concept! Makes a relatively small world feel really big.


Great game, quite addicting, love the feeling exploring and finding small paths that lead into new areas. #savethebats


I love this game! It's pretty solid and addictive, I'm really enjoying it.
Well done :D