Small updates on Growing Adventure.

A small update on A Growing Adventure. I made some small additions to the game for an exhibition in Belgium, and in doing that, added in a few fixes, a bit of rebalancing and a french language display option.

The exhibition version also has an automatic reset of the game after 5 minutes of inactivity, but I took that out of the main game's update, for obvious reasons.

The main changes:

  • French language option. Toggle languages at any time with the L key.
  • You now only lose life for every 2 map squares uncovered.
  • You are now fully healed when you gain a level. 
  • Slightly increased the required experience per level.
  • Slightly improved title screen! Its not just a black screen with text anymore! (Well its still pretty much that)
  • Added a visual indication that you are poisoned, slowed or blessed,

More minor tweaks and fixes: 

  • Made you lose poison, slow and blessed status upon death.
  • Fixed the glitch that made some treasure chests invincible
  • Removed the glitch that made innocuous objects attack you as if they were enemies.
  • Fixed the palace guard enemies being considered as a 2x2 tile-sized enemy, which had bizarre glitchy consequences.
  • The slime enemies have less health now. They had a weird amount of health yet gave very little xp before! 


A Growing Adventure 2 MB
Feb 22, 2018
Belgium exhibition version 2 MB
Feb 22, 2018

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