Something strange is coming. Something foul. A graveyard has sprouted out around you. Deranged creatures roam the night. It’s time to think fast and shoot sharp! Get ready to pull the TRIGGORE!

TRIGGORE is an action packed shooting gallery game. You start the game vulnerable and must arm yourself to survive! Left click to shoot. Hold right click to interact. WASD moves the camera.

Coding + Art: Francis Coulombe Art: LumpyTouch Music: cboyardee and askiisoft


Download 9 MB


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No lo se 

will this be updated?

Thanks lumpytouch and thanks to the dev. its a very awsome game!

Thanks Lumpy, very cool!

Amazing game, pretty tense!

Love the music and graphics

Nice game! Love the pixelart tho

How do I get more gun ammo??? XD Pretty cool game!

good game, but could use maybe 2000 more guns

Made another video


This is really nice for the season.  Good game.  The combo of searching, shooting and mopping is something else till the lights go out. :) 

i think the knifes range should be buffed, if it worked a little farther i would absolutely love the knife


The horror. The horror.


Made a video

Great game! I get to a week or so until I run out of matches. Can you do something about this issue? I would really appreciate that!

little question what happens if there are too many corpses?

If there are too many pools of blood, monsters will spawn from them. Make sure that you use the mop!




Simple, but fun shooting gallery game with some interesting game mechanics and truly frantic gameplay. Can't wait for the post-jam updates! 

Love the game my only problem with it is that it feels like it takes to long before you start to see enemy's 




Well heres something I'm gonna have to play for Spooktober on my channel. And probably a bunch on my own 😂



Best game of 3 I've played thus far.


Great game! Took inspiration from COD: Zombie Mode? I think there should be a small tutorial on how to build barricades. Keep up the good work!


This art is so great!  Just the right amount of spooky.


Pretty hard as balls, is there an ending?


Nope! Wanted to have one, but we ran out of time in the jam. From Day 4 onward the bosses are just random, and enemies spawn a bit more often. Thanks for playing!


Ah that's disappointing.  I hope you got back and finish it.  I got mid way through Day 4 before dying. Not that I reads there is no ending, I guess I'm done...


What a lovely little game. I like how it combines shooter elements with something almost like a point and click adventure. Tough as nails, though! :D


Hey great game dude.. Had lots of fun playing it!