A downloadable game for Windows

The heart of the nexus was taken apart. Explore the cosmos to retrieve the five pieces and bring them together at the core. Gather resources to upgrade your ship, and watch out for enemies, monsters, asteroids and space whales!


  • Left and Right arrows to Turn ship
  • Up and Down arrows for Thrusters
  • C key to Shoot
  • hold X key to collect items, and to connect to space stations

Code: Francis "Frankiepixelshow" Coulombe
Art: Will "unsilentwill" Olthouse, Lord Mo, Lurdiak
Music: Eric "chef boyardee" Shumaker, Justin "Askiisoft" Stander

Game Made for Toronto Game Jam 2020

Install instructions

Note: The JAM VERSION of the game was made in 48 hours for the Toronto Game Jam. It is a much bigger file, because the music is not compressed properly! The smaller download is the more polished version.


StellarNexus.zip 16 MB
JamVersion.zip 108 MB


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Awesome game! I absolutely loved it. It was satisfying collecting resources, and I loved the beauty of the universe. The ending was very unexpected! I hope you all make more games!!! You should seriously consider selling this game.


Wonderful little game. I thought I was absolutely wrecking it only to barely defeat the final boss, which made for a very cool moment! thank you for making it.