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This game is about fighting fires and rescuing people.
Grab your axe, fire extinguisher, helmet, and run into the inferno!

The arrow keys move your firefighter.
The 'A' key makes him jump.
Holding the button longer controls the jump height.
Holding the 'S' key uses the fire extinguisher.
Hold UP or DOWN while shooting to aim the stream. You can find items to replenish your extinguisher reserve.
The 'D' key uses the fire axe.
Use it on doors and debris to clear out a path.
The DOWN arrow key picks up civillians.

Bring them to the fire chief or to the firetruck outside to rescue them.

Game by FrankieSmileShow (Graphics & Programming) and the Monster King (Programming)
with music by Chef Boyardee.

Game originally made for the Toronto Game Jam 6. The theme was "What just happened?!"

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(23 total ratings)
AuthorsFrankieSmileShow, themonstreking
Tags2D, firefighting, Pixel Art, Retro, Short, Singleplayer


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A very creative and innovative platformer game in my opinion. I was thinking of doing a 2d game where you play a firefighter but coudln't realize it. I think the core game mechanics are pretty solid. I firmly believe that this game could be a hit if developed further with more content and deeper gameplay mechanics also with good marketing. Keep up the good work and good luck!

It took me a while, but I beat the game! And after all the emotions I've experienced I'd still say it was a fun time!

Spoilers . . . Learning curve gets suddenly steep when those guys arrive, one is just about getting comfortable with controllers, but I get there seems to be no 2nd level so in a game jam you had to jam it up real fast. But I loved the idea, I was hearbroken fighting my truck. </3 It was really cool, I hope some of you remain in contact. (Am I wrong? Is there a second level? I just played it once, so far.)

This game looks fun ,  wouldnt it be cool to see a semi-realistic firefighter horror suspense game complete with escape-room elements and on-the-loose crazed arsonist guy you must stop?   

A nice game, but trying to extinguish the fire and also battling aliens shooting with both an axe and a gun is not enjoyable; it's unnecessarily challenging

Oh my god, that was a good one, this happened to me because I didn't see what Jam was referring to haha

Simply sublime, he gave me a good time.

Damn. This game was shorter than I expected.

Music is great, though.

Good Game

Very nice game! Simple and fun as mentioned before :)

Want to fight forest fires? Try this tiny free game: https://mabafu.itch.io/firerescue

I love the game, it's simple and fun. But why do these notifications often appear on my PC when in the middle of a game?

What the f... ?


There's already a game like this called Mr. Rescue which you can get on Linux.

Will this be available on steam?


worst game evevrvvrrbrvrvrvvrvrvvvrvvevrvvevrvvevvevrvevrvrrvrrvr

The game was good, specially the atmosphere, but movement was a little clunky.

Great game.


Hi! I'm a writer for GameRant and wanted to let you know that I've included Station 37 in an article on the best platform games on itch. I've included the article link if you wanted to give it a read, or you can find it on my twitter @Nyah_Payne. Had a blast playing! https://gamerant.com/itchio-best-platforming-games/

This is great! ;-)


After playing this game, I feel that firefighters work harder than I thought :))
Your game is very good

I hope there will be a sequel


vfx in pixel art, that was amazing. The game is very good, except the key controls

played this many years ago and it was just recommended to me on here. classic, love to show my friends this.


why would you save people ,Let them Burn to Death !


That's what she said ohhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhh

This game is fire (literally)

Looks awesome man! :D

very good game


Почему она такая короткая?(

я без задней мысли думал что буду играть за спасателя- тушить пожарчики и всё такое.... А тут такой поворот! 

босс пожарная машина!!!! и бах и конец.... грустна очень грустна

upd: у автора куча классных игрух чекните на досуге)



Made a video


woah no way its back


I love the concept of rescuing civilians as firefighter. I didn't know there will be many aliens after rescued the last civilian!!! Good job DEV. But I still found a glitch and some keys were slow responding while I was playing this game. Good job for your next project Dev. Here is my 5 minutes+ gameplay. Enjoy~

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Hmm. You must be confusing panicking civilians with aliens. 🤔


This is a fun game, nice elaboration on the core mechanics and a good short and sweet buildup of how they're used.  


it told me Frankie released a new game, Station 37... "new" is pretty generous here hahaha
Good times


yeah someone pointed out there was no way to actually get the game anymore since my website went offline, so I put this up.

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Maybe not new. But still one of the most enjoyable Fire rescue platformer around !