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You have six months to repay your 10 million credit debt to the space mafia.

You have a space ship with a small crew. Plunder planets of valuables to repay the cosmic mob!


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its kinda boring, once you get some equipment none of the enemies can stand a chance and you just have to try to go to the right planets to get the only stuff thats worth mining.

very impressive what all was accomplished in seven days. it was really cool and fun to play even if i'm garbage at roguelikes. love the plot and randomness to the planets as well as the solar system. just the fact that one of my squad can be named "likkegollu'utroo" already makes it worth checking out. thanks again for offering some behind the scenes tidbits on stream. and good luck with development on the horror rpg!

I triggered some kind of game-breaking bug at the beginning in which when I pressed a key to continue it didn't show any dialogue and instead showed the space map with my ship but I couldn't move anywhere as there was no text on the left side to select at all (even after pressing Return to try to invisibly select it).

Then I tried again, bought a Hatchet, landed, and tried to equip it when this popped up: https://imgur.com/a/2MfmnFA