Space Junk Scavenger v0.3 is out.

New version of Space Junk Scavenger is out.

  • Some ships are now dark, or have fading or flickering lighting.
  • Many new items to find or buy, including light torches, several grenade types, and items like a personal radiation shield, teleportation device and a gravity neutralizer
  • Several new songs by cBoyardee, including a new theme when travelling in your ship.
  • Running out of power in your ship no longer leads to a simple game over, there are various consequences based on your difficulty level. You also encounter a new NPC when you run out of power.
  • Several level design tweaks, a few new levels, and some levels are better populated.
  • Various small bug fixes, too many to count.

I am now working on implementing many new block/tile variants to make levels look more visually distinct, give some more personality, diminish the re-use of assets overall. Will also implement some game pad support.


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Sep 06, 2017

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