Space Junk Scavenger v0.2 is out.

New version is up!

Change list:

  • Added difficulty levels - Casual, Normal, Challenge and Extreme.
    • on Casual, its easier to destroy most blocks and obstacles with weaker weapons, and you get double items and ammo
    • Challenge and extreme do the opposite.
    • More variation is incoming for the various difficulty levels
    • Extreme will have harsher penalties for dying or running out of power, and Casual will have almost none.
  • Tweaked all weapon ammo drops to give less overall, and made the ion pistol stronger
  • Fixed some text formatting
  • Fixed particle spawn points when destroying items. Added a few different particle effects.
  • Added damage number displays
  • Added different power generator core objects to various levels, made them drop power cells of different size, animated them
  • Added variants to animated computer blocks
  • Added file info in the game file menus
  • Various level design tweaks and fixes.
  • Fixed some save issues, added game version info to the game saves. (unfortunately, this breaks save compatibility with previous versions)

Doing more work on this tonight on my twitch stream, starting in just a few minutes!


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Aug 26, 2017

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