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Just did the final boss with no stat boosts lol.

i think its you going deeper into hell.

ur home also gets more messed up whenever you sleep.

wait... im on my dad's account ._.

i got stuck in the inventory XD

i tryin' this for the 1st time lol


My fps gets so very low at the demon summoning room...

Really dug this game! Love the art and the way your choices about which items to sacrifice effect the boss fights. I made a video for my channel on it:

It’s Great! I Like This Game!! P.S. It’s Amazing!

Nice little game you made there! There are some occasional glitches, but it's fun to play. Keep it up!

Shoot em up + Lumpy Touch = New Favorite Game

I think I beat the game early by accident? I used the bucket of blood for my 3rd or 4th fight, but after winning against what I think was the final boss the game seemed to just kinda not go anywhere. Was I not supposed to fight the final boss early?

this was one of my favorite games ive ever played it was a lot of fun and a very solid game

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How do i get the sacrificial items, i dont have anything left to sacrfice. 


Loved the game. It is one of my favorites now. :) 


there is an glitch were if you cansle the ancient one fight at the beginning you get an extra bucket full of blood


the more power-ups you got the more lag happens but other than that its a cool as hell game!


This should  get a full game, one thing can you capture the demons again great game


This was really fun to play! It has a lot of potential to be a full on game as well


it gets kinda laggy around day 4 still a kickass game tho :


Very well done! Damn


Welp, amazing game for a lidum dare!

Great Job!


I love this game and its mechanics, but the final boss felt a little too easy, maybe if you could, could you up the difficulty at the end? I beat him in a few seconds on my first run.


what will i do with this power? Well overthrow the bourgeoisie of course!


can i have the soundtrack to this game?


Very fun top-down boss rush game featuring fun game mechanics, great music, and loving pixel art. Very recommended. 


Very fun game with some poor optimization - Windows demon took the toll!


This was awesome. Lags in the dungeon after a couple bosses though. If there's some kind of memory clean up you could do it would make this game 100x better. 


Once again, great art direction !

The game gets slower every time you beat a demon, but this game is so good it's easy to overlook. The music is phenomenal and there's even a JoJo reference. Fantastic game.

Played the game and had a blast with my buddy Nico.

Sure, I died, but figuring it out and trying to live was a blast. After this loss in the video, we won on the second run once we figured shit out. Now I'll be off to beat my friend's record.

A little annoyed that the game forces you to face the boss, even if you don't sleep. Considering how little time the game takes to play, you really ought to allow the players more time. Some sort of way to know what you are getting and what it is doing would be really nice too.

Anyways, near the end of the game it was lagging so bad I could barely play it. 

Question- if there's 10 slots in the passives section, are there 10 passives, or is that second row there because if it were just one row of five, it wouldn't have enough spaces for all of them?

Ah si, también encontré un glich el cual, si colocas un objeto en el pentagrama y lo vuelves a recoger sin otro objeto, se te duplicara (lo hice como 30 veces para tener una defensa de 30 xd)

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yo quiero que agreguen nuevos jefes y que hagan al jefe final mas op :v (auméntele 400 hp mas y tenga un nuevo ataque, porque me paso el juego sin ningún tipo de mejora)

well this game is really good, but 1 thing every boss after i killed a boss it like keep accumulated the graphic and become slower and slower, but once i return back in my room is normal



Really good game given that it was a ludum dare entry! :-)

Kicked those demons' asses

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