Summon a series of nightmarish monsters to battle with in this horror action game. Will you gather enough ARCANE POWER in 7 days to repay your debt to the underworld? Or will you PERISH during your SACRIFIGHTS?

Use arrow keys to move, X to run, and C to shoot/interact.

Coding: Francis Coulombe
Art/voices: LumpyTouch
Music: cboyardee

If the web version is lagging for you, try the downloadable version.

Created for LD44

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(142 total ratings)
AuthorsFrankieSmileShow, Lumpy
Made withGameMaker: Studio
TagsLudum Dare 44
LinksLudum Dare


Windows version 12 MB


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Pretty good! I did unfortunately fail the first time by running out of sacrifices, but I enjoyed it anyway!


sounds familliar, but cant quite put my finger on it...


I like concept and graphics, however it would be more more playable with a joystick!

if you beat the game you need to refresh the game fun fact.

I like the humor, the CEO demon is hilarious


Is it actually possible to get all 10 perks?
Cause like I got the 5 perks on the tow row and had like
life 4
seal 7
defense 4
strength 5
atk speed 6
move speed 1

But I sitll feel like I havent even reached half the way to max perks and skills.

sadly time was over and I had to fight him :-/

Any way to get everything? :-)
or maybe some new game plus? :O

This is a pretty good game, I like the character sprites, the bullet effects, this is a really solid game. 7/5

loved it!

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Would have been awesome to see an expanded version of this on a "cursed cart" for some retro console. :) Mega Drive, for instance.

Really cool game.

i cant pick up the knife

its not to pick up its to eat stuff in your menu. 

Is that a Undertale reference!?


i already had infinite power as long as i keep eating peoples brains


It was cool but at one point I got no sacrifices bc I died in my first summoning


this is lumpytouch's account???



Frankie and Lumpy collaborate on projects from time to time. 


The graphics are amazing


Oh I get it! You summon the hot demon with the horn! It's horny! Funny joke.

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I need a walkthrough  help please

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i beat it twice

im with lumy on this one

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I summoned you into this world to kill you for your powers.

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i have come to the point where its so laggy i can't even shoot or sprint or turn around fire power sucks

have a question

it wont let me eat horns or staplers

Why would you want to eat a stapler



idk, POWER


bro,  love horns with my staplers

I like this kind of game, maybe in the future you can make one more longer with more things. Greetings from Uruguay.

ah love this little game and hope in the far future it can get updates and sold for a worthy amuount of money. I woud easyli pay 10 to 15 for this game in its current state


Lumpy Touch sent me.


I killed Satan and got possessed by Garfield

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I killed Satan and got possessed by Garfield


just one word ... AWESOME


nvm i beat the game

do i eat the demon horn or the stapler


i managed to bug the blood bucket to stay in my inventory after defeating the ancient one (tutorial version) he droped nothing.


how do you have the attack power at the beginning of the game

I downloaded the game but how do i open it?

just double click "SACRIFIGHTS.EXE" in the folder of the game.

Just did the final boss with no stat boosts lol.


i think its you going deeper into hell.


ur home also gets more messed up whenever you sleep.


wait... im on my dad's account ._.


i got stuck in the inventory XD


i tryin' this for the 1st time lol



My fps gets so very low at the demon summoning room...

mine to lol

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