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Explore a mysterious space station orbiting Saturn in this tense horror first person shooter inspired of classics such as Wolfenstein 3d and Blake Stone.

Search the station for valuables and fuel, and escape back on your ship once your objectives are met!

There are cloning vats that can be found throughout the stations. Activate these to be revived in one of them upon death. Each vat can only be used once, and activating them costs credits. At the lower difficulty levels, you have a few pre-activated cloning vats on your ship.

This is a prototype game made over the holidays. A work in progress, I will add more to it in the future!

A Game by Francis Coulombe  https://twitter.com/FrancisCoulombe

With music by Babu Oji https://babuoji.itch.io/

StatusIn development
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(37 total ratings)
Tags3D, First-Person, Horror


DeathlessHyperion.zip 29 MB

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A lot of potential in this one. Sadly its ridden with bugs (Bomb droids exploding and certain zombie crew reanimation will crash the game, resulting in you losing your keys, credits, and keycards). Overall I love the Blake Stone aesthetic and inspiration to John Carpenter's movies like The Thing and Escape From New York

Anyways I did a full guide to the current build: 


if I may ask  :)  what engine did you use  ?

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Game Maker Studios 2 as confirmed on his Twitter

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Damn this game was good. I'd love to see you tackle more like this.

Other than some graphical glitches and other minor things. The only real problem the game had for me was the stereo audio. Enemies often sounded like they were from a completely different direction than they were.

The balancing could also be improved a bit. A bit hard perhaps since the player is so free to choose where they go, but for me, the game (on hard) went from somewhat hard to really easy around the mid point.


Ssooo its been a while since the last update. Everything cool over there?

Great game until I was reborn at a clone with unlimited health. At this point the challenge was gone. Or did I miss something?

I really love the Survival Horror x Blake Stone gameplay here. But even inspired by its contemporaries it feels completely different, and the gameplay is surprisingly smooth.

I really have to beg for more updates, or one that keeps map progress after quit.


Feature request: lock mouse Y axis. In Wolf3D-like FPS there seems to be no need to aim vertically :)


The closest you can get is set mouse centering to 100%

Seconding this... the retro aesthetics and gameplay are awesome but the Wolf 3D control scheme isn't my cup of tea.

This was a fun game! My question is that were the clones suppose to die at one point cause mine survived the hell I put him through lol!

excellent boomer shooter. the great art and music created a nice creepy atmosphere. still need food

Show post...


Cool sound and door fix, but now game unfinishable.

At docking bay door to central (green powered) stuck after change location and return back.

Switch power off/on again give no effect.

Thanks for the report! I made a fix for this and one other problem, should be ok in the newest version.


please make open donation .. i like this game so much ...

I really dug what I've played so far!

One complaint: it feels like there should be a way to restock on ammo after dying. If you go to the wrong places in the wrong order, you can dump all your ammo into monsters that don't drop any. At this point your run is basically screwed no matter how many clones you have.

The other space ship next to the starting location is a good example of this. I spent my bottom bullet clearing it out and didn't have anything left for the big monster guarding the only unlocked passage forward.

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At low difficulty (intruder or scout), really not a problem. (beam have a lot of restocks, some view like shooting bugs, some like aliens with shields)

Higher difficulties need different approach to manage ammo.

I never been complete bounty hunter because can't choice right balance between ammo and hp.

P.S.: I want melee upgrade!

well what can I say I loved the game so I recorded my first time playing it hope you enjoy 

Deathless Hyperion
https://youtu.be/naLov9to99U keep the awesome games coming 

Thanks for playing, appreciate it!

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Amazing game! Love the Wolfenstein 3D vibe! Love the visuals-sounds! With quite a lot of content!

Except the main need for savegames (that other people also posted about - as the game is quite large) the game could use an improved mapping system so for example we can access map of other areas and not only current area map. Maybe a full screen map screen with notations about left over items, locked doors, etc.

You should put the game in a folder inside the zip file.


Thanks for playing! I may have game saves soon. Its a lot of work to add this, but I think I may just need a few more hours of work to get it done.


I played it countless times, and didn't found a single abomination, is there something that i'm missing?

Thanks for playing! The abominations are meant to be the unique monsters hidden in the game, but the game doesn't count their kills yet. I will try to add this in the next update this sunday night.

I have found a couple of bugs...

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About latest update(2021-01-18):

Big angry mobs in restricted area feels slightly freakin blazing fast. (At n-th walkthought they can't wonder, but at first time, it might be very scary)

As total impression, i am very satisfied. And waiting to new updates!

(Now explorer feels like scavenger for me)

What about abominations and station destruction and pirate ship reveal percent? (now 98.11)

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Thanks for playing! The pirate ship has a secret area to find, maybe you missed it? The station destruction is not available yet, and the abominations are not all added in, and their kills are not counted yet.

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Enjoyed this a great deal, looking forward to the next version. The aesthetics are an obvious strength. The music could change up a bit more, and some rare glitches caused distracting  silence. But the atmosphere created was perfect. The sprites are detailed, and the pressure to kill things quickly kept them fresh.

The other big strength was how smooth the gameplay was. You glide around the maps, I never minded goin back and forth through areas I'd already covered. The map design added to this too, leaving plenty to do in the central area late in the mission.

It also never feels too challenging to target an enemy, the only exception being the flamethrower. The difficulty scales well, with the darkness being a great contributor to the challenge. Want things to be a little easier? Evade until you get the lights on. Some more variety in the weapon-less monsters will be nice.

I like the choice between melee-ing or using ammo. Sometimes I was very hard up for ammo, sometimes it was abundant. Knowing how much I had laying around the map allowed me to choose between blasting or taking my time.

I'd prefer one of two changes to the ammo drops though. Either don't let your character pick it up if maxed (like health), or allow us to store ammo at the ship. The latter could be a purchasable upgrade. It felt a little tiresome to both evade ammo drops and have to hunt it down later. Either way, I liked that the game seemed to encourage me to use good weapons, rather than sit on the ammo forever.

Thanks for making the game.

IMHO bounty hunter at current state its all about balance between bullets and health. (On scavenger after a lot of walkthroughts i can just pew pew w/o bullet economy just using right bullets)

The music will be better, I promise! The current incarnations are extremely rough sketches!

I want to be clear,  I enjoyed what was there. Really set the atmosphere well

Hi! I saw this message and couldn't let it pass!

If you need any help with music, I can help you! I am a composer (also SFx's) and would love to help you! Any game you have!


Awesome! I want more that...

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Greeting, Francis was it?

I found this game recommend to me on youtube and I watch it(shoutout to Alpha Beta Gamer channel). Then I decided to try it for myself and thus, I found myself here. Here a few of my feedbacks:

1. Amazing premise & concept! Sure it not original, but the combination works wonder! Wolfienstien gameplay + Alien Isolation vibes. You are armed but the scare factor is there.

2. Will you consider adding co-op feature? Over LAN/Online? I can't 100% the game alone because some of the zone is... "undesirable" (looking at you "Restricted Section", give me Halo CE The Flood PTSD)

3. Adding save station would be handy(Dead Space for example), or even checkpoint. But if you wanna stay with the Wolfienstien/Doom formula, split the zone as a separate level so you only have to restart at latest zone and not the whole progress. (the original map is fine as it is, dont scrap it)

4. Clone revival! What a genius! Sure you can just put 1UP on the floor and call it a day, but no! You put the extra effort to think of a  logical way to insert "extra life"in the game and you did! Surely we have clones tech in future, right? Definitely your strong pros here!

5. Thank you so much for putting map in the newer version! Even the map reveal terminal! The version I saw on youtube must be an older version since it don't have maps. I would have been running around in a loop for hours if not for the map.

6. The guns is are okay, I guess. Nothing more, nothing less.

And thats all, I think. If you are under the impression that I'm some well-known game critic, I'm not bro!(or am i?)
Feel free to take/throw away these feedback, I just wanted to let you know I love to see your game come to completion! Maybe you earn some funding along the way? I sure hope so.
Until then looking forward to hear from you again,

is there any way to save the game

Not implemented yet, but planned. (Read first comment tree to author posts)

understood.  I do like the game.  my only issue is that i have a hard time spending a long time playing a single game and would like to mark a save point so i can pick up later


This is a great game and very reminiscent of old Doom/Wolfenstein. Each enemy also feels unique and it makes beating them more satisfying. Keep it up.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont


Please add "inverted mouse" option. I really want to try this out!


who plays with inverted mouse

psychopaths. (jk @phelicx)

Love this! I know vertical aiming isn't a big part of it, but... would you consider adding a mouselook invert option? Even with the limited range of vertical look it adds a lot of struggle to my play.

Ima speedrun this game


me  cago en  tu puta madre

dont know what that means

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It's it possible to open secret room at Station storage? (1:39:03)

I just missing or it's still under construction? I found! Cool!

Walkthrough explorer 97% (length 1:43:42)

love the game it really feels like classic doom but it was polish 

there are a few cons in this game

like there are no way the game tell you where to go it is kinda doom but the problem is the map is to big and dark that it is easy to get loss 

and there are no indicators on wat item should i get but it is pretty fun nonetheless since it is still new 

i give this   a rating of 8/10

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This was an absolute joy to play. Enjoyed as much as I could (While trying to keep my wits about me) before escaping! So much is done right off the bat I have to say, though there is some recommendations/issues I noticed (one you might already know about) that I feel like sharing! 

-Have a map key list of what the important icons mean, as some of the door icons can look somewhat pretty similar on the local map. (The one on your person)

-Have a journal, so any enemies that you have scanned/items picked up can tell you specifics without having to pick up/encounter again. (Can specify how much ammo/health/currency certain sprites give you as well as remind you what weapon can specialize in term of damage, and enemies just showing their health and armor values as well as anything special to note. Maybe even have the completion percent at the end page for those completionists to double check!)

-Uncapped mouse movement. While it was weird at first and I did get used to the mouse deceleration and felt pretty happy playing the rest of the game once I found a good middle ground, I feel like some might not enjoy the fact that their turning speed is hindered a tiny bit without having to max out mouse sensitivity. In my opinion, it gives it that retro feel and sells it... so take this one with a grain of salt!

Minor Issues:

Audio not emitting from proper side of headphones:
I'll be honest, most of the time me being afraid wasn't so much the enemies that were lurking in the dark, more so the fact that I couldn't quite tell where they were in the dark with audio. For the first half an hour, I was constantly looking behind myself whenever I heard enemies call out to me, because that's where I heard it. Upon messing around and locating enemies that were behind locked doors, I did some spinning in place to see if something was wrong. Sure enough, I realize that sometimes enemies can only be heard through one side for some reason, or even just behind me in general. Just very confusing on being able to locate your foes.

Missing/misaligned walls/textures:
I'm pretty sure you already know about the missing textures and(hopefully not missing) walls as you've previously stated that this is obviously a prototype! I made sure to stick to walls I could see in those areas... just in case of falling through was a thing.

Ship core movement:
If the intention is to restrict movement to only being able to walk/run forwards and backwards upon picking up the core, I honestly like the idea. Though, by running you're able to ignore the restriction and strafe as you please. Is that intentional?


And I think that's all I got- I think I'll come back to try again on an even harder difficulty later on! The details alone are worth coming back for, and the game play of course! Cheers, and I hope to seeing this come as a full release!

I like this game  the graphics are great!

tu madre mas

I like the style of this game and it looks great. I hated the level though. It was fun for a while but then I realized I was lost in a MASSIVE maze. I had enough gas to escape at one point but then spent about 30min looking for the exit and was just so lost that I had to give up. It's a cool game but the level is so exhausting.


Thanks for playing! The game is a bit incomplete still, theres a lack of variety with monsters and environments, and there arnt enough things to help orientation. Adding small "you are here" panels on some walls soon to help the player visualize the larger map, and a full display of the explored space in the pause menu.

Is there any way to put the game in fullscreen? The option is not working for me...


Weird. what kind of setup do you have? havent heard of this one before. Can you maximize the window at least?

A10 7850 - 1060 3Gb - 16 M - When i choose fullscreen, it stays in windowed mode. Same when i Alt Enter...

Very nice video game, I'd love to see it expanded in the future! I'm curious though, are there any plans to add a proper map that you can open up in the menu? Navigation was a bit tricky without being able to see the bigger picture.

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While walkthought i was found a lot of locked doors, but relative few keys. (Especially near robot repair shop 8+)

Is it possible to open all door on station? (I already explored only 60% on explorer, long sessions without save slightly difficult...)


* 92%

* all weapons

* trash secrets

* red, green, blue cards

* 7 fuel

* 4 docs

* core

can't found ship self-destruct

0 keys, and 4+ locked doors make me cry.

I missing something or keys least than doors, and some ares just incomplete?


Thanks for playing! Looks like you explored very thoroughly! The game is incomplete at the moment, there are some areas and monsters missing, and there is no way to destroy the station yet - the difficulty level that requires that warns you that its not completable yet. There is going to be computer screens with a "you are here" display, and probably some sort of pause screen map as well. As for locked doors, you should be able to explode some open if you find the rocket launcher, though rockets are precious.

You make it game a lot cooler for me!!! I very love to explode door like in fallout, and almost no games with this feature... I even don't think about this.

Your make me best game present to this new-year holidays!


Aaaaaaaa(running and screaming): doors smashed by rockets not saved through loads as door weak doors smashed by hands...

It's possible to lock self by entering to location w/o keys by smashing doors and found no keys in.

awesome work, the amount of detail put into it is insane. Love how the main character dies forever when killed, being substituted by a clone. Also the amount of interaction with the environment. Merging the wolf3d formula with a survival horrors works really well. The main menu is superb

Really really needs a save function BTW, doubt i can finish the game without one


I can only congratulate you on the game. Only the look of it has interested me enough, besides the style similar to Wolfenstein. Really good.

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It's looks amazing!!!

But be cool have option to disable mouse vertical centering.

And saves planned in near future?


Thanks for playing! I'll add an option to tweak the vertical centering. As for saving, That will be coming later, I started this project years ago and just dusted it off over the holidays, back then didnt really know how to carefully set up a game to make it easy to add saving later, so implementing saving is a bit of a headache on this! Its doable tho, ill just need to set aside some time to do it.


Anyway it's cool! Me any my wife loves old simple graphics, horrors and big space station with variative gameplay. And you can strike it all...

I be waiting for updates!


Just updated the game, improved the mouselook overall and added an option to tweak the centering force or remove it entirely. Its less glitchy feeling overall too, and I widened the dead zone in the middle too.


Many thanks! Vertical centering caused some vertigo for me.

And small performance report:

In some areas fps fall dramatically (~10-20fps). On PC with geforce 1060 and phenom II 1090T 6x core 3.4 GHz.

But as i saw, only before generator powered on...

Now my character died, but tomorrow i can give more info.


About performance:

Station central give me 31-40fps (other zones can give lower FPS)

geforce 1060: ~12% (i think problem in CPU and large map)

phenom II 1090T 6x 3.4: 1core 100% , 1core 50%

windows 7 x64

CPU,GPU load regardless of fps

core i5-3450 CPU and older GPU tested yesterday give almost same results.

I recommend add frame skip function if you can, to fix variative control timing experience...


Thanks for the feedback! I just made big changes to improve performance with the game, though there may be some visual glitches to iron out now though. There are a few more things I can do to improve the FPS , I will do that soon.

(1 edit)

And one more bug report:

Walls w. bad collision (you can way out to space).

At (blue?)-keycard location in range 1m(on the way) from door connected to crew quarters.