Another update.

I have pushed a small update for Deathless Hyperion. I added a few nasty surprises, including some new enemies. Added a system for atmospheric sounds (though I didnt add much actual sounds for this yet), and a few UI improvements, such as more on-screen reminders about the state of your various objectives. I have also added the option to invert vertical mouselook, and you no longer collect ammo items if that ammo type is maxed out.

I will try to push an update like this every sunday night. I stream tuesdays to sundays from 7 to 10 pm EST on twitch, at . Tune in on sundays to catch me working on Deathless Hyperion; the other days I work on my main project, a turn-based horror RPG.

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Jan 18, 2021

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It's a incredible game. I love it. I wait for the following updates impassively :D