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considered making an endless version? or a sequel?

That game has some neat retro vibes, and I've been surprised by each playthrough I did, because I always met new items or enemies that I didn't had the chance to see before. That's an impressive amount of stuff you put in there! :) Especially the veggie enemies are my personal favorite. <3 The whole audiovisual representation was fabulous. Happily I recommended your game along with two others in a compilation article about the Ludum Dare 41, as well as it's featured in the related gameplay video. Thank you very much for your work!

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What a fun little game! The monster designs are cool, and the music gives an epic ambiance to the adventure! The gardening mechanic is an interesting choice, but feels kind of out of place. Also, it's easy to win the battles when you can spam 4 weapons' attacks in chain.
Overall, it's been a fun time :D Good job on this one!

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Can't download on itch app, for some reason. :c

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O darn, I  forgot to check the "windows" checkbox somehow. Should work now I think?

Yeah, it does. Thanks! :D