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in every other way its a good game but one thing ruined it for me, how long it takes to get places, i would love to build everything but moving around takes so long that i just explored every area and called it a day, maybe make the maps smaller or increase the player speed.

Is there any chance that this will be revisited/polished up at some point? I really enjoyed playing the game, but there are some issues that keep me from playing too much. If not, that's totally fine! Good job on the game!!!

This is a real cute game!!

I really liked this game! It could use some improvements, like better clarity and more renewable resources, but yeah!

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This is by far my favorite game I've found on this website! There are so few games for bug-lovers, so finding a game that not only lets you befriend bugs but also that is actually fun is rare! The only downside to this game is that there doesn't appear to be a save feature. I spent like two hours playing and then the game glitched and I had to close it, so I lost all my data. Am I just not looking hard enough, or is there no save feature? If there isnt, would you maybe consider adding one in the future?